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Windy is a great person and phenomenal with my dog Champ. Champ enjoys staying with her and will run right up to her door when I take him there. She has a great home and yard for dogs, with plenty of dog-friendly places and walks nearby. When I go out of town and am unable to take my dog with me, Windy is my first choice for a dog sitter. I recently left Champ in her care for 4 weeks and she gave me regular updates and sent me photos of him feeling at home in her house (laying right in the middle of her bed, just like he does in mine!). I came back to a happy and relaxed dog, which really was the perfect end to my trip. I am lucky to have found Windy and highly recommend her to anyone looking for pet sitting or dog walking. 

We have used Windy's services on different occasions for over a year now and we would never consider using anyone else. Not only does she take great care of Bewley (our 14 year old Basset/Beagle mix) but she is so good about keeping us informed as to how Bewley is doing. While we're away from home and thinking about Bewley, we get a text from Windy with an update, so we are never left wondering, and when Windy comes over to get our house key, Bewley gets excited and immediately runs over to Windy for a belly rub.

Windy also brings our mail in so people don't realize we're out of town, and the night before the trash & recycling picks up, takes the bins out and puts them in the street for pick up and promptly puts them back when they're emptied.

We don't have a lot of house plants, but Windy seems to also have a green thumb and takes care of the ones that need water and/or other care.


Luna & Mina

We've been using Windy to watch our two chihuahuas since approximately 2008. Our pups prefer the company of each other and have stereotypical, standoffish, chihuahua attitudes. They're definitely both "mama's girls," but are amazingly loving dogs in every other way! Since my partner and I travel a lot for work and fun, and since the ladies do best when they get to stay in the comfort of their own space, we have Windy feed, walk, play, and care for them in our home. They don't like a lot of people, but over the past eight years they've grown to love... and look forward to... Windy's visits! We know when we're away that Windy dotes on them because we get regular text and e-mail updates, cute pictures, and happy pups when we return. For anyone looking for reliable and loving care for their pets, we 110% recommend using Windy!

Lulu & Bruno

Windy came highly recommended to us from one of our friends who was also using Windy's services. We have two rescued French Bulldogs—Lulu and Bruno—who have some very special care and dietary needs. Finding someone we trust is hard enough. Finding someone we trust who also seems to totally love and enjoy our two dogs seemed nearly impossible. Then we met Windy. The girls LOVE her, and we can tell when we see them all together that Windy really loves the girls too! We use Windy's extended pet sitting services to make sure the girls receive that special care they need, while we're away. She's great at making sure we receive regular "pup-dates" while we're gone, as well as providing our fur kids with someone to cuddle with at night. It's such a relief for us, knowing that our girls are safe, loved, and well cared for when we aren't there to care for them ourselves. Every time we come home, the house is tidy and the pets are happy. You can't beat that!

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