Finding reliable training information on the internet can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why I’ve put together some resources that (I hope) will help make the process easier. Whether you need recommendations for good harnesses/leashes/collars or need help finding some high-quality toys, I’m here to help. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for free puppy/dog training printouts, as well as links to other training resources.

Harnesses, Leashes & Collars

Please note that I do NOT receive compensation from, nor do I have any affiliation with, the following recommended products. I've simply used these products with great success and recommend them to my clients. I'm sure there are OTHER really great products out there, so feel free to send me an email if you know of something that may work better than what I've recommended below.

Gentle Leader® Headcollar

  • Vet recommended & trainer designed

  • Teaches better leash manners



Martingale Collars

  • Tightens for more control

  • Standard adjustable collar



Easy Walk® Harness

  • Vet recommended & trainer designed

  • Teaches better leash manners





The following posters were created by Lili Chin, in collaboration with others. They are FREE to download, share, and print! If you enjoy her work, please consider making a Paypal donation directly to the artist! You can also download posters directly from her site, for different formats and languages, by clicking here.

Below are some free educational posters Leash and Learn has created for the public. You can view them larger and/or print by left clicking. You can save it to your computer by right clicking. Please do not change or alter posters in any way.

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