Pressing the "Pause" Button

What a winter... amirite?! Even declared that Portland, Oregon, "May Be America's Most Winter-Fatigued City in 2016-17." And, let me tell you, life must *still* go one, despite whatever weather gets thrown our way. But, after the snowflakes (and ice) melted, I found myself in a constant state of sick, sick, SICK! Stomach virus? Check! Chest-rattling cold? Check! Unidentified mystery ailment? Double-check!!!

Well... scratch that last one. Turns out that said mystery ailment is no longer a mystery. Turns out that Windy (that's me!!!), of WindyWalksPDX, will be taking some time off from pet sitting and dog walking to FIX said since identified ailment! Yay! I don't expect to be gone long, and I'll certainly be available for everyone's upcoming summer vacations and much-anticipated getaways, but I will have to take a pause from pet sitting and dog walking for surgery and recovery. What does this mean for current clients and new clients? Read on!

Current Clients

I've reached out to most of my *regular* clients and helped them find alternate care for their pets while I'm away. If you are a current client and I have NOT reached out to you, please be advised that, if we have upcoming care scheduled for your furry/feathered/scaled loved one, there is no change in care. If you are a current client who has NOT scheduled with me already, please know that I am only able to provide care on a case-by-case basis, based on my healing time, the type of care required for your pet, and the pet involved. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me to check on my availability. I've put my husband on e-mail/phone/text duty, until I'm able to answer queries myself.

Potential New Clients

I will NOT be able to provide care for any new clients until the start of June. However, I *will* be able to provide complimentary free consultations, beginning in mid-May, for services needed for June and beyond. If you are in immediate need of pet care services, I HIGHLY recommend visiting, where you can find pet sitters and dog walkers in your area who are licensed, insured, and sometimes bonded. Of course, you will still need to follow due diligence and review credentials (BBB, Angie's List, Yelp, Google Business, etc.).


With winter well over, I'm TOTALLY ready for some springtime healing to begin! Thank you, everyone, for your patience and understanding while I take this time off to physically recuperate from surgery. I'm looking forward to shaking off winter's plague and jumping full throttle into summer! Sun-drenched dog walks? Check! Bicycling adventures? Check! Getting sloppy-/scratchy-tongued kisses from all my furry friends? DOUBLE-CHECK!!!

Be back soon!

~ Windy