Hi! I'm Windy. I'm your pet's future best friend.

My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am. ~ Unknown

Hi! My name is Windy and I'm a professional pet sitter and dog walker.

I've been earning my stripes as a pet sitter over the past eight years, through word of mouth from satisfied clients. Now, I've focused my love for animals into building a rewarding, full-time business. In addition to providing professional and reliable care for your furry kids, I also offer a lifetime of personal pet care experience.

While pet companions were always a part of my life as a child, my knowledge and passion for animals deepened when I decided to join the family business. I joined Space Coast Pets, Inc., located in sunny Florida, when I turned 20. I continued to work there for the next five years, growing and learning about caring for a variety of animals from my knowledgeable family.

From breeding and hand-feeding baby cockatiels and lovebirds to treating botfly-infested box turtles, I've just about seen and done it all! I've had pet snakes, scorpions, bunnies, cats, and dogs (just to name a few!). Watching people bring their pets to our stores, and helping with the care, nutrition, and nurturing of their pets, was a great source of satisfaction in my life. 

I eventually left for college to pursue other interests, but my love of animals never waned. My last, life-long pets, Sonja and Clover, were my greatest fur loves. Providing over 20 years of companionship, I am inspired and motivated to continue this life calling, in honor of them. I truly love the work I do! 

I currently care for any type of pet! As an animal caregiver and former pet parent, I understand how important pets are in our lives. Since your pet is a member of your family, I offer free, in-home consultations to meet and make sure we're all a good fit for one another. So, reach out and say hi... I'd love to meet with you! 

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